This renowned neighborhood is synonymous with Carlos Gardel, The icon of Tango Buenos Aires. It was home to this famous Tango Buenos Aires singer known as "The Abasto brunet". And everybody knows that Carlos Gardel is synonymous with Tango Argentina. He used to keep late hours and sing in its bars, where he met another musician called José Razzano. They later created a duet. This neighborhood was also the birthplace of a great bandoneon player called Anibal Troilo (known as "Pichuco") and home to Luca Prodan, an Italian residing in Argentina and head of one of the local mythical rock bands (Sumo). The attractions (always related to Gardel and tango) are located in a small area which facilities your visit.
Besides offering the best local brands, Abasto Shopping Center is an architectonic attraction in itself since it's placed in a marvelous art deco building belonging to old Abasto Market inaugurated in 1934. It boasts a Kids´Museum with a city built to their height, a food court and movie theaters. In this Neighbourhood you can choose your best options of Buenos Aires apartments.


A fruit and vegetables market set up there in 1893, thus giving birth to an immigrants´ neighborhood with brothels, conventillos (big houses where people lived promiscuously), canteens and theaters.

Highlights: Carlos Gardel Museum, Carlos Gardel Path, Fillets, El Viejo almacen Tango Buenos Aires.