Las Cañitas
In Las Cañitas, there are plenty of modern buildings and lofts. The huge green spaces and the calm of the area has now become one of the most important gastronomic centers of the city, where the day and night movement is constant. What began with some restaurants and bars; is now one of the most requested areas for the enterprising, and the most visited by the porteños and the lovers of good cuisine. The universe of Las Cañitas neighborhood, is continually being recycle and offering the best night life. A great option to have fun and relax, with music and the pleasure of delicious meals.

There are options for all the ages and taste. The younger ones will be able to enjoy of the variety of places and discos, that play great music and that are decorated with the last trades in fashion or with a very retro style. For the not too young, there are several restaurants of elegant style. In the cuisines, highlight the classic porteña food, the ethnic dishes and the fusion food, all prepared by the most well know chefs.

The Solar de la AbadĂ­a Shopping, is other option for the ones that prefer a day or family ride. It has a selection of first trade marks locals, places to eat, a hypermarket, theaters and games for the kids.
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