It is the neighborhood constructed with the eyes set on France. Such is the influence that its palaces (raised between 1880 and 1920) maintain the same distribution as in old times. Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares (key writers of Argentine literature) were neighbors of this area, as well as Spanish philosopher Ortega y Gasset and current Princess of the Netherlands, Máxima Zorreguieta. Besides the combination of art, nature and history, its streets feature the most exclusive restaurants in the city.


In the beginning of the 18th century, it was a desolated area where bare feet Recoletos Fathers of Franciscan Congregation settled. They built a small convent followed by some country houses. In 1871, the epidemic yellow fever obligated wealthy families living in the southern area ( San Telmo and boundaries) to move to the northern area (Retiro and Recoleta) where they built French style splendid houses.


In 1942, Del Pilar Basílica was declared National Historical Monument and is currently regarded as one of the best exponents of local colonial architecture. Most cult elements and images, original from the Recoletos monks, have been kept.

Do not miss a visit to the Recoleta Cultural Center. There is always an exhibition displaying the best local and international contemporary art. It also features a theater.

The Alvear Avenue is the most exclusive 8 blocks in South America. Start your ride at the gardens right across the Recoleta Cemetery, go through the French Embassy and discover this glamorous and elegant city´s artery.

The ideal place to relax and have lunch or dinner overlooking the green gorges is the Buenos Aires Design Terraces. Also, the Francia Square turns into the biggest craft fair in the City. Its stands offer leather, silver, wooden and loom stuff.

According to funeral architecture experts, Recoleta shares the second place among the world´s cemeteries, along with the Pere Lachaise of Paris. Founded in 1822, its six hectares keep a big deal of Argentine history in national heroes, writers and science men tombs. Among its vaults, there are 82 international sculptors. The most visited vault is the Duarte family. The Embalmed body of Eva Duarte de Peron, worldwide known as Evita, “the poor´s representative”, rests there. She was the First Lady in the forties and her personality captivated famous singer Madonna.

The National Museum of Fine Arts, The Palais de Glace and the School of law also take place in Recoleta.


Exclusive Alvear Avenue deploys international haut couture houses and the most exclusive brands maisons in Buenos Aires, along with local brands and the most sophisticated jewelries. Just a few blocks ahead stands Patios Bullrich mall (intersection of Posadas and Libertad Streets), the most charming in the city. If you are searching for the best decorative stuff, the right place is Buenos Aires Design Center (intersection of Pueyrredon and Libertador avenues)