Booking conditions
Anyone that wants to make a reservation must have reached the age of majority in his/her country of residence and must guarantee us he/her is financially responsible for the payment of services contracted through Welcome2BA.
You can start your reservation request through the website filling the reservation application form, by e-mail or calling to our office by phone.
You must contact us 72hs before the check in date to confirm your request.
We contact you within the next 48 hours after your request to supply relevant information, availability and prices.
To confirm a reservation is necessary the payment of the 20% of your stay, either through bank transfer, western union or similar, or in our office (in dollars or the equivalent in euros or pesos).
Full payment shall be paid on signing the contract.


Besides the rental, the tenant must pay a guarantee deposit. This amount will variate accordingly to the duration of his/her stay and category of the apartment reserved. This shall be paid in cash (in dollars or the equivalent in euros or pesos) and shall be reimbursed once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant must pay them in accordance with the cost set forth in the inventory.

a) Less than 1 month: The equivalent to a week of rental
b) A month or longer: The equivalent to a 2 weeks rental


Welcome2BA first commitment is to provide the best service to our customers with fast and eficient answers to solve any problem or any request that can happen 24hs a day 365 days a year. A Staff member will welcome you on arrival, assist you during your stay and see you off when you depart.
The check in time is set at 14:00 but can be changed if there is no other guest in the property before leaving the same day. The check out time is set at 10:00 but can be changed if the property is not rented to other guest the same day that you leave.
It will be necessary to have the names and ages of all the people that will stay in a facility. Accommodating more guests in the facilities than what was previously established in the contract is sufficient reason for eviction. Home owners and Welcome2BA reserve the right to refuse admission.
You should call Welcome2BA as soon as possible for any kind of inconvenience or fault in the facilities' functioning to let as find the best and the fastest solution.
The rent includes all the property's services and taxes such as:
The Property's Common Expenses, Taxes, Light, Gas, Water, Telephone, Cable TV Bills and maid service. The stay and the guarantee deposit are paid on your arrival to the apartment.
All the apartments published on Welcome2BA have been previously selected by the company's personnel and all of them are fully furnished and equipped with full tableware, kitchen utensils and linen.
Most of the apartments listed in this site may be reserved for a minimum stay of 1 week excepto for apartments advertised in the website where you can rent for a term inferior than a week. The maximum stay shall be of 6 months (in accordance with applicable legislation in force) with the possibility of renewing the contract for 6 months more.
Welcome2BA is in charge of all the reservation procedures for a specified property for the period stated by the guest. Should there be an unforeseen event in the property prior to your arrival that make your stay there impossible, Welcome2BA proposes relocating you to another apartment of similar characteristics and amenities, available at the time of your trip.
On the guest's arrival, at the time previously agreed on by both parties, a Welcome2BA representative shall welcome you in the rented property where he will show you how facilities are used and provide useful information on the zone of residence like nearby tourist spots, transportation, restaurants, bars, parks, etc.
At that time, the rent contract and attached inventory will be signed and you shall pay the rest of your stay plus the corresponding guarantee deposit and the guest received the apartment keys. On that moment you will agree with the Welcome2BA representative on the time to leave the apartment (check out). If the property is rented on the same day, the check out must be at 10:00 to let the maid make the cleaning of the apartment for the new check in. Apartments must be given back in the same conditions as you received it.
At the time of the apartment's check-out, the guest returns the property's keys and gets his guarantee deposit back, after checking the corresponding inventory and the apartment's general state.


If the guest needs to cancel the reservation, the money paid is not refundable the same if he/her wants to shorten his/her stay cause is considered to be a compensation on account of contract breach.


Temporary rent contracts cannot be extended, they have a commencement and an expiration date. Therefore, should the guest want to extend his stay in the rented property, he shall inform this as soon as possible to Welcome2BA to make sure that this is not reserved by another guest. The extension implies signing a new contract for the new agreed on period, subject to availability and variations that prices may have suffered.


Welcome2BA are not responsible for any difficulties or problems that may arise after signing the contract, having delivered the property in excellent condition. It does provide a helpdesk to solve any problems that may occur between the tenant and the owner regarding the property. Using our site /service, implies that you accept and subject yourself to all the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Reservation Conditions and Cancellation Policies. Should you not agree with these, please, refrain from using our site.